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Mortorcycling in Phuket

以前要做三份工養家,每年只有那可憐兮兮的三天年假 (年初一、二、三)。太太與小孩多次去泰國布吉渡假,心堨u有歉意、悽酸。那時候常祈求上天,下一世讓我生為漂亮的女人,因為做男人實在苦…

Not many moons ago I had to take 3 jobs to make my big ends meet. Poor me only had 3 days annual leave and that usually happened to occur on the first 3 days of the Chinese New Year. My wife and my two lovely children had been to Phuket of Thailand. Each time they went for a holiday I often being left behind to chew my bitterness. So I repeatedly swore to my little god I believed that I wanted to be a beautiful woman in my next life as it’s far too unfair for being a male!


Now the children have left the nest and a single job suffices to meet my small ends meet these days. And by chance, I booked a flight to Phuket alone see if I could trace the foot prints left in the sand by my dear ones…

First Day

2010年11月20日 星期六
Saturday 20 November 2010

下午乘港龍直飛布吉國際機場。下機後選當地公共汽車往布吉市中心;車程約 1 小時 15 分,單程車費 85 銖 (約港幣 22 元) 。在市區汽車總站下車,站旁有一株大榕樹,樹後面有一排色彩鮮明的建築。巴士售票員告訴我那家叫 Nawaporn Place (意謂 “好運棧” ,網址: www.nawapornplace.com ) 平、靚、正。住了6 天,證實並無虛言,確是值得推薦。房價分三種,450, 500, and 550銖 (約港幣 116、129、143 元) 。房間大小、設備分別不大,都有約 250 平方呎 (猶如香港 “發水樓” 的 3、4百呎)。熱水、空調、電視、冰箱等皆備。我選了550銖那間,因有個小露台,前面又有一排大樹。晚上往外望月明星稀,習習和風,搧萬物而條暢!第二天在旅館碰到一個操流利英語的法國年青人 (約 30歲) 。我問他是否住客,原來他是東主!怪不得整間旅館擺設似足巴黎拉丁區的房子,住客亦多是金髮色目人。

Hong Kong Dragonnair took me to Phuket International Airport from Chep Lap Kok in the afternoon. Upon arrival, I took the airport bus to town centre where I had a bit of luck in getting a clean and nice ambient lodging, a guest house owned by a young Frenchman. I took the room on the top floor (a 3-storey building) which had a small balcony overlooking a beer garden. Fortunately I could shut off the rowdy patrons behind me with the double-glazing balcony door at night. The room set me back a mere 550B which is less than GBP10. I like the guest house a lot due to its Latin feel with spotless linen and bathroom. The guest house had a lot of guests from Europe. Guess they were returnees.

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See the world is the essence of life.....
Day Two

2010年11月21日 星期日
Sunday 21 November 2010

一早起來,梳洗後就踱步到橫街的 “廣東茶室” (網址:www.booratedimsum.com ) 吃點心。一大碗海鮮粥、奶茶、三、四碟點心,所費不外 90銖 (約港幣 23 元) 。吃飽思玩樂。這里交通不便,遊客多租車自駕。四驅車每日 800 銖 (約港幣 208 元) ,新電單車則每天 280 銖 (約港幣 73 元) 。我早帶備駕駛執照上路,所以租了一輛 Yamaha 125c.c. 電單車,最高時速可達每小時 100 公哩,都算跑得快。

騎上鐵馬感到時光倒流四十年!往油站入滿油缸,哈!才 100 銖 (約港幣 26 元) dead cheap,跑一天卓卓有餘。布吉島觀日落最佳在南端的 Phromthep Cape。沿 4020 幹線經巴東轉 4233 幹線,一路玩了一個沙灘又一個沙灘,到
Phromthep Cape時正好日落。灼熱的太陽徐徐下沉,見那斷霞散影、殘陽倒影,確使人疲劳盡消,心曠神怡!

Another glory day in Phuket. I walked to a side street and had my dim sum breakfast in a Cantonese restaurant. The meal was cheap and cheerful and it only set me back less than GBP1.5 each morning of the week I stayed in Phuket. The seafood congee, dumplings and the mouthwatering dim sums were out of this world! After my voracious appetite was fully satisfied, I went to the next street and hired a motor bike for GBP5 per day. Put in a pound’s worth of petrol and I was on my way to the most beautiful spot for shooting sunset…


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See the world is the essence of life.....

See the world is the essence of life.....
好野,終紆等到Stephen Sir回來了,仲咁快有遊記睇添.

http://lh5.ggpht.com/_yhSWErQOvA ... A/s800/DSC_9197.jpg

另,以途經所見,phuket town都好多古舊,殖民地嘅特色


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Stephen Sir, 你騎電單車超有型呀..........
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好野,終紆等到Stephen Sir回來了,仲咁快有遊記睇添.

http://lh5.ggpht.com/_yhSWErQOvA ... A/s800/DSC_9197.jpg

另,以途經所見, ...
謝謝 Pacific 大哥美言。如果有你一齊玩就更加 very good 啦!
See the world is the essence of life.....
好危险架,千祈唔好俾 B 仔學騎電單車。我個仔都唔識!
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Stephen Sir, 你騎電單車超有型呀..........
See the world is the essence of life.....
Day Three

2010年11月22日 星期一
Monday 22 November 2010


1.        去 Kathu Waterfall看瀑布;
2.        参觀國家博物館;
3.        去Ton Sai國家公園遊玩和看瀑布;
4.        晚上去巴東拍夜景。

在 “廣東茶室” 歎完早茶,施施然到 7-11 買了两瓶水就上路。 Kathu 瀑布在布吉市和巴東中間,沿 4020 幹線電單車只要半小時就到。在停車場泊好我的雙輪勞斯萊斯,鬼影也沒有。穿過拱橋有條新造的天梯直伸延上山。中間有一避雨亭,有個老翁帶條小狗在吸煙。初時以為天梯長且陡,但爬了十五分鐘就到了。誰知舉頭一望,笑不可抑。布吉的瀑布真人不露相,露相嚇死人!

Today’s itinerary is as follows:

1.        To visit Kathu Waterfall;
2.        National Museum;
3.        To visit Ton Sai National Forest Park and Ton Sai Waterfall;
4.        To take night scene photos in Patong.

After enjoying my Cantonese breakfast in the Canton Restaurant, I strolled to a 7-11 for a couple bottles of mineral water. Then it’s me on the road to Kathu Waterfall. Kathu lies half way between Phuket and Patong. It only takes 30 minutes to get there by a motorbike. There was not a soul when I got there. After crossing a concrete foot bridge, I saw a newly built stairs leading upward to the forest. There was a pavilion at the midst of the stair where an old boy was puffing away like a dragon. A few domestic dogs were around him. He nodded when I said hello to him. It appeared that he's not the accosted kind. Thought it’d be a long walk uphill to the waterfall but, beyond my humble expectations, it only took me 15 minutes to get to the waterfall. At the back of my little mind, I always reckon waterfalls in tropical regions would giddy me in a big way and the howling water could make a new born monkey crying like hell....When I looked, jesus frances, I just couldn't stop laughing! Dear me, it’s definitely a disgrace to call it a waterfall…

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See the world is the essence of life.....
Welcome to My Sampig Blog  
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我下一世要生為美男子, 去 lump 幾個靚女養我, 個個月有唔同既靚女陪我去旅行, 兼貼埋錢比我洗